Why We Draw

Operation Graphite

Operation Graphite began as an art community project, launched in February of 2012 as a way for a group of once prolific artists to get back in the habit of drawing. The project is also for those active artists who continue honing their skils to have a band of brothers for creative comradery. The objective is a weekly exhibition of drawings by based on a theme. Even when participation is down, the project still serves to push the author to do at least, “One crappy drawing a week,” as part of a routine to stay creative.

Grey Ops

Each weeks Operation (or Grey Op) is built around a theme. All themes come from the author, or other members of the Graphite Corps. Themes often have a Comic, Geeky, or Pop Culture nature. Not to be limited, themes can cover a broad and diverse range including fine arts and philosophy and the Sciences.

The Graphite Corps

Members of the Elite Graphite Corps have a wide and diverse background, but all love to draw and create. Several members went to college for visual arts. Other members are talented and extraordinarily skilled without formal education. While some members are at the top of their game and are very active creatively, others have let their talents go to unused. This Elite Commando Squad works toward getting back in touch with their talents and artistic passions by drawing again, even if only a few minutes in a busy life can be spared.

To Enlist, Contactshockwerks (at) mac (dot) com

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