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The theme selected for week two-fifty-nine of Operation Graphite will be: Batman.


Holy Crap, there is going to be a Ninja Batman Anime! I told my son this, and he¬†seemed insulted by such a mash up. He may want to play as an Iron man / Batman / Flash / Shark-Boy hybrid with Humming bird powers (hyperglycemia?), but he can’t understand the completely awesome and very logical convergence of bat themed vigilante and a shinobi no mono. The boy is only four years old, and hasn’t basked in the glory of the best batman incarnations, I’ll cut him some slack for now.

The penultimate grey op will focus on the Dark Knight. It can be any take on the character from Lego incarnation, a tribute to Adam West, the Nolanverse version, or set in the Edo period.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Batman.