The theme selected for week two-fifty-nine of Operation Graphite will be: Batman.


Holy Crap, there is going to be a Ninja Batman Anime! I told my son this, and he seemed insulted by such a mash up. He may want to play as an Iron man / Batman / Flash / Shark-Boy hybrid with Humming bird powers (hyperglycemia?), but he can’t understand the completely awesome and very logical convergence of bat themed vigilante and a shinobi no mono. The boy is only four years old, and hasn’t basked in the glory of the best batman incarnations, I’ll cut him some slack for now.

The penultimate grey op will focus on the Dark Knight. It can be any take on the character from Lego incarnation, a tribute to Adam West, the Nolanverse version, or set in the Edo period.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Batman.



Week two-fifty-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Guardians of the Galaxy.


Well, hello there. I’ve been absent for quite some time. I really doubt anyone has noticed. This past spring was a tough time, work picked up and I got pretty burnt out.

I had previously hinted about my plans for ending phase one of this project. With only a few more weeks to go, I broke my streak and ended up abandoning it all.

The plan is still to wind things down, and even though I did complete my goal of publishing consistently for five years, I didn’t have the nice neat cap to end things with. My current plan is to wrap things up by the end of the year.

This particular post was initially meant to go up when Guardians Part 2 hit theaters. Now it is even months past the blu ray release. At least I made it before Part 3 comes out.

Shock – Drax and Gamora

The theme selected for week two-fifty-eight of Operation Graphite will be: Zelda.



Nintendo has a new gaming console, and a new Zelda game to go along with it. From the few reviews that I have read, it sounds amazing. I probably will never get to play it.

Phase One Operation Graphite is winding down. We are past, or closely approaching the the five year mark, depending on which metric you choose to use. I had some hope I could make it to 300 Grey Ops, but I think it may be time to end things sooner. I do not intend this to be the end of Operation Graphite, but the end of the the project in its current form. The end of a chapter, and a start to a new one.

Over the next few weeks I will post the last three themes. 260 will be the target, and after that there will be a short break, and perhaps a new mission for Operation Graphite MKII, or Phase 2. I haven’t settled on the fancy title for the next incarnation, or what the next incarnation will even be.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Zelda.

Week two-fifty-six of Operation Graphite – theme: Pants.

By now you may have noticed that most of my posts are ether an excuse to draw people with swords, or monsters. This week was not an exception. 

Shock – Slops and Feder

The theme selected for week two-fifty-seven of Operation Graphite will be: Guardians of the Galaxy.


The first Guardians of the Galaxy was the equivalent of Marvel throwing a Hail Mary pass even though they were still ahead, 34-3. Oh my god, I just made a sports reference. What is wrong with me? A property no one knew became one of the biggest Marvel hits, and one of the funnest, most beloved comic book movies to date. There have been better comic book movies, and certainly much worse, but there are few ensembles that quite match the Guardians for providing a fun, action packed, sci-fi adventure. I’m super pumped for Volume 2.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Week two-fifty-five of Operation Graphite – theme: Rogue

After a minor but significant spelling error which have our hero a rosy hue rather than a rebellious nature, things were set back on track. There was also an extra week this time, did any one notice? No, didn’t think so. 

Shock – Blue Haired Rogue. 

The theme selected for week two-fifty-six of Operation Graphite will be: Pants.


The theme is pants. I had no idea what to do this week, and the first word that jumped in my head was, pants. Yeah, so have fun with that one.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Pants.

All art work is due on Friday, 3.3.2017. Submissions will be published the weekend of 3.4.2017

Week two-forty-five of Operation Graphite – theme: Armor.

There was a hope of having the time and inspiration to design a cool set of armor, or rendering some exquisite gothic plate mail or something. Even when there is a theme I can get behind, sometimes I just don’t have the drive to deliver what I original envisioned. Even though the armor is minimal, the Black Knight did serve as a quick idea to knock out quickly. All grievous bodily injury is taken seriously as the topic of armor has been resting heavily on my mind as of late. This weekend I have my first HEMA tournament, and my armor is a little lacking at the moment. My drawing time has recently become craft time, and I will see how well thick craft foam holds up to being beaten with synthetic long sword wasters. Something tells me I shouldn’t take any pointers from this guy.
Shock – None shall pass.

The theme selected for week two-fifty-five of Operation Graphite will be: Rogue.


I can’t even recall if I’ve ever played any sort of of game as the Rogue character class. I mostly ran out of ideas for Grey Op themes, and Rogue was the first thing that popped into my head. So…

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Rogue.

All art work is due on Friday, 2.24.2017. Submissions will be published the weekend of 2.25.2017

Week two-fifty-three of Operation  Graphite – theme: Year of the Cock.

One of the odd things I’ve learned while working on this project is that I really like birds. Not just an appreciation for the fierce and noble raptors or for vibrant tropical varieties, but I’ve realized that I have a fondness for everything from big ugly turkeys to tiny spastic humming birds. Just looking at various chicken breeds was more interesting than I thought it should be. I fall back on the dinosaur as ancestors idea to kinda make it sound cool, but you would think flight would be cool enough for most. Don’t get me started on Corvid intelligence, it’s pretty amazing.

Shock – Red Jungle Foul Cock.