Graphite Corps

The Graphite Corps Roster
Daydreamer, Doodler, and Theoretical Astrozoologist. The mysterious and illusive leader of the Elite, Graphite Corp. Wisconsin native, now living in Long Beach, California.
Kaleb is the Art Director at Imaginasium – a strategic branding and advertising agency based in Green Bay, Wisconsin where he lives with his wife and son. He is currently working on his first illustrated short story to be published March 2012. You can find his frustratingly out of date website at
Shawn Brook Williams studied at University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Shawn has worked as a graphic designer full-time for ten years at Krause Publications/F+W Media designing several magazines (including Comics Buyer’s Guide), books, and internet/tablet based materials. And Shawn has diverse and extensive freelance graphic design experience including: brochures, logos, illustrations, and more. He has also written, illustrated, designed, and self published a 142 page original graphic novel called Five Pounds & Screaming which is about becoming a parent.






Sweatywest is a Screenwriter and VFX Creative Director in Los Angeles. He has a lovely wife and a sleepy dog.!/Steffen_Schlach





Alter Ink

  1. shockmomma says:

    Just downloaded Five Pounds & Screaming on my Kindle…sounds interesting!!

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