Operation: Star Trek

Posted: 12/23/2017 in Uncategorized

Week two-sixty of Operation Graphite – theme: Star Trek.

Kirk Vs Picard

It has been five years, and 260 themes. When I started this blog, I was unemployed and looking for a way to motivate my self to draw more. Now I have a wife, two kids, and hardly any time to poop. Ah, times change.

I end Operation Graphite, or at least this incarnation of Operation Graphite, with the theme Star Trek. Picked mostly because of the,”Five year mission” line. I have reached a milestone, and though I had initially hoped to keep this going on indefinitely, I feel continuing for five years was enough time that I can end this without the crushing guilt of quitting. That and my scanner died, so these last few Grey Ops have been a pain to upload. I made it till the end, and five years is good duration, at least that is what will keep telling my self as I curl into the fetal position.

I also want to thank my fellow members of the Graphite Corps. While I was running many solo missions towards the end, I often had a hand full of amazing artists submitting. I joke that this sites greatest accomplishment was getting my far more talented friends to send me artwork every week, but it was that work that kept me going this long, without it I doubt I could have made it two years. Thank you, everyone who has contributed, especially those of you who were regulars.

And Operation Graphite will be back… maybe. Ideally, after some down time, I will come back with a new project. Perhaps I will chronicle a long term project, or think of a new batch of smaller projects. Till then you can find some of my work on DeviantArt.

See you space cowboy…


  1. julweiss says:

    Congrats on making it to five years! I’ll miss the drawings in my email — but I look forward to the new incarnation.

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