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Week two-fifty-three of Operation  Graphite – theme: Year of the Cock.

One of the odd things I’ve learned while working on this project is that I really like birds. Not just an appreciation for the fierce and noble raptors or for vibrant tropical varieties, but I’ve realized that I have a fondness for everything from big ugly turkeys to tiny spastic humming birds. Just looking at various chicken breeds was more interesting than I thought it should be. I fall back on the dinosaur as ancestors idea to kinda make it sound cool, but you would think flight would be cool enough for most. Don’t get me started on Corvid intelligence, it’s pretty amazing.

Shock – Red Jungle Foul Cock.


The theme selected for week two-fifty-three of Operation Graphite will be: Year of the Cock.


Yes, I realize “Year of the Rooster” is more friendly term, but violently vulgar “C” words are just so fucking fun to say. And lets be honest, 2017 being the Year of the Cock is pretty god damn appropriate. Also factoring the Chinese 12 year, Lunar cycle with the Five Elements of Chinese astrology, this is specifically the year of the Fire Rooster. I’m not making this shit up. Over a millennia ago, ancient Chinese astrologers predicted 2017 is when a Cock would try to burn everything down.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Year of the Cock.

All art work is due on Friday, 2.3.2017. Submissions will be published the weekend of 2.4.2017