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Week two-seventeen of Operation Graphite – theme: Iron Man.

I’m not going to ruin anything about Captain America: Civil War, and the epic battle between Iron Man and Cap. Iron Man flops back and forth between jerk-face D-Bag, and reforming bad boy trying to make good. The first Iron Man is pretty fantastic, Starks arc from war profiteer to hero is fantastic. Then the second installment painted him as a spoiled asshole again. Avengers, he was kinda back on track, a little verbally combative, but thats mostly due to Joss thriving when writing characters pitied against each other. Starks third solo film was good, but even when trying to be decent, he still kinda came off like a jerk. Then there was Age of Ultron, where the whole crisis in the film is due to Starks run away ego. In this sixth film staring RDJ as Iron Man, and with another paycheck worth more than the GDP of a small country, Stark actually had some great character moments and you feel his side just as much as you feel for Caps. It was a great movie, for both for Cap and Stark.

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Drafturgy – Iron Mizzle OG

Shock – Mark XLIII