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Week one-fourty-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: The night Santa went crazy.

Shock - Santa

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I’ve been spending most of my time finding out what does, and doesn’t mix well with egg nog. For those keeping track, coconut rum = good, soy sauce = bad, turkey gravy = AMAZING!

Shock – The ice caps aren’t melting fast enough.

The theme selected for week one-fourty-seven of Operation Graphite will be: The night Santa went crazy.


It’s that time of year again, time to prepare yourself for a home invasion from a deranged holiday sociopath. Naughty or nice are relative terms, Die Sinterklaas will find you, and few children pass his harsh judgement. A religious zealot who stalks children, threatening to give the naughty to the demonic Krampus to eat. A legion of enslaved elves are kept working day and nigh at an arctic compound. They dream of the day they overthrow their tyrannical overlord. This week we follow Santa Claus, and the day he finally snaps.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: The night Santa went crazy.

All art work is due on Thursday, 12.25.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 12.26.14, but with the holidays, There may be a delay till Saturday.

Week seventy three of Operation Graphite – theme: Devil.

Red skin, horns and a pitch fork. Actually, The horns were inspired by Pan and fauns of greek mythology. The pitch fork is actually a trident on loan from Poseidon. The red skin parallels the flush of blood when one is enraged or consumed with lust. Like an amalgam of pagan gods and deadly sins to detour the pious, the devil is  an allegory for the side of our nature we try to keep in check. To indulge in these sins is to fall into corruption and villainy, but to exclude some of them all together is to miss out on the delights this world has to offer. Some might say that abstinence from earthly delights is the ticket to paradise, but how dismal that paradise would be if it were only for the puritanical. That actually sounds like Hell.

Contributing devils:

Micah – Devil

sethomatic – Devilish

Shock – Mephistopheles

Thank you for being wicked little deviants.

The theme for week seventy three of Operation Graphite will be: Devil.


What is a devil, or who is The Devil? Are they malevolent spirits, tricksters and tormenters. Was it the the Shining one, the morning star, the source of light and illumination? The Devil is often seen as the ultimate evil, and any minor devils and demons just tiny minions furthering that malevolent goal. But for some, the devil is a allegory, maybe even a scapegoat; a wrongly accused and slandered being, or a idea to shed our own dark self upon. If we blame a little red devil for our sins, then we can’t be responsible for them ourselves. Once reviled, now the Devil is almost fetishized; a hero for those who want to rebel and give into their darkest desires. Is the devil the outside influence we fear, or the part of ourselves we try to hold back.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Devil.

All art work is due on Thursday 7.18.13 Submissions will be published the following Friday 7.19.13.