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Week one-o-two of Operation Graphite – theme: Castlevania.

Of all the games in that I played growing up in the age of the NES, the Castlevania series were some of my all time favorites. Mashing all the Universal monsters, and pretty much any other monster from mythology that worked, Castlevania was one of the first horror adventure games. Fitting that the first time I played Castlevania, was also at the sleep over where I first saw a similar Universal Monster mashup, The Monster Squad.


Micah – Impossible Offspring

Shock – Those god damn flying Medusa heads.


The theme selected for week one-o-two of Operation Graphite will be: Castlevania.


Perhaps one of the most popular, but also strange video game franchises, is the Castlevania series. Though it has an oddly hodgepodged name, and a hero with a questionable choice in weaponry, Castlevania and the Belmont family are Legendary. “Lets give Conan a bullwhip and have him fight Dracula,” which is how I imagine that pitch for that going, became a video game epic. But why a whip? Some say Prince Vlad III of Wallachia¬†was whipped by his Turkish captors when he and his brother were hostages of the Ottoman empire. Would a whip then have some sort extra power against Vlad Tepes? Then again, maybe a whip just had a little bit extra reach in old school 8 bit Nintendo games.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Castlevania.

All art work is due on Thursday, 2.13.13. Submissions will be published the following Friday, 2.14.13

As always, new theme suggestions are always welcome by fellow members of the Graphite Corps.

Week thirty five of Operation Graphite – Theme: The Legend of Zelda.

Few other other video games inspire such nostalgia. What now seems like a simple game with bad graphics, was ahead of it’s time as one of the first non linear video games. The later Zelda games were good, and had greatly improved stories and graphics. But, it’s those first installments that just gave you a few story elements; they inspired players to fill in the rest of the details with their imagination. Part of me always hopes that we will see a Legend of Zelda movie some day. The other part of me realizes that if it were done, it would probably be as bad as the Super Mario Brothers movie. Maybe for the best that it never gets a Hollywood makeover.

Contributing Members:

bruku – Eaten by Gannon

Micah – Link

Shock – Last Silver Arrow

Thank you for playing

The theme selected for week thirty five of Operation Graphite will be: The Legend of Zelda.

The Kingdom of Hyrule has long suffered under the rule of the dark wizard Gannon. Only Princes Zelda, who holds the Triforce of Wisdom, and a young boy named Link, who holds the Triforce of Courage, can stop the Evil Gannon and his Triforce of Power from crushing the known world under his iron rule. This week we celebrate one of the most influential video game series of all time. Time to put down your controller, and pick up your art supplies as we journey to Hyrule.

Any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that is inspired by The Legend of Zelda series is far game.

All art work is due on Thursday 10.4.12. Submissions will be published the following Friday 10.5.12.

And for the record. Link will always be a Lefty.