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Week one-seventy-four of Operation Graphite – theme: Merica. 

It’s the Fourth of July, and I live in a tinder box of a state where every sort of firework is illegal; even sparklers. While big professional fireworks shows are fun, watching someone else play with fire is never as fun as playing with fire your self. 

Shock – Sparkler

The theme selected for week one-seventy-four of Operation Graphite will be: Merica.


Since Independence day is upon us, I figured another July 4th theme was in order. The word, Merica has become a slang for this nation of ours, sometimes used pejoratively, but often used in a light hearted, joking manner. Much like regional dialects smash words together to form one word mumble sentences, the truncated slang is both lovingly used, and also dripping with sarcasm.

Academically, that slang term must be both infuriating for history buffs, and biologists. There is a species of sea snails called Merica. Merica, was also the name (pronounced differently) of a pre English, Anglos Saxon kingdom that lasted for three centuries.

Forget the snails and Viking fodder, this week is all about OUR ‘Merica, easy to make fun of, difficult to defeat. There are traits to love, and others ripe to mock. Some see our nation as the unassailable world power, others see it as a work in progress. While some would have us return to our past, others strive for progress. This week you can either show your audacious patriotism, or your satirical irreverence towards our great nation which allow both freedoms.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Merica

All art work is due on Thursday, 7.2.15 Submissions will be published the following weekend around 7.3.15