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Week forty of Operation Graphite – Theme: Superman.

For a character who is often regarded as out dated, we have a good turnout of Supermen this week. No matter how boring some think the character is, nor how convoluted the multiverse story lines become, Superman remains hugely popular. Because like John Wayne and Apple pie, Superman is an American icon, one that even Kryptonite can not weaken.

Contributing Übermensch

alancheezy – Deep Thoughts

bruku – Man of Steel

kalebschad – Supearman

Micah – The Supe

shawnbrookwilliams – Superman

Shock – Single Bound

Thank you for stoping Lex Luthor… again.

The theme selected for week forty of Operation Graphite will be: Superman.

With or without red trunks, the Man of Steel is the most iconic superhero on Earth. For some he is a symbol of the American Way; for others he’s a boring character, too powerful to be interesting. When written well, the last son of Krypton is an amazing character, but in the age where more realistic super heroes are desired, can Superman still be relevant?

Any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, of Superman or related is fair game

All art work is due on Thursday 11.8.12. Submissions will be published the following Friday 11.9.12