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Week two-twenty-two of Operation Graphite – theme: Game of Thrones.

Shock - Tormund Giantsbane

Season six is over. Winter is here, R + L does = J, the Stark banners once again hang at Winterfell, and Khaleesi is sailing for Westeros with a pack of Dragons. It was a much more satisfying season than the last, and now we only have thirteen or so episodes spread out over the last two seasons.

Shock – Tormund Giantsbane


The theme selected for week two-twenty-six of Operation Graphite will be: Game of Thrones.


Season 6 has wrapped, winter has finally arrived, and everyone has canceled their HBO Now subscriptions. This has been a big season with big deaths, big reveals, and everything is finally set up for the game to truly begin.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Game of Thrones

All art work is due 9 P.M. PST on Friday, 7.8.16. Submissions will be published the weekend of 7.9.16

Week one-seventy-one of Operation Graphite – theme: The Iron Throne.

The last Game of Thrones episode of the season is this Sunday. Those who read the books have some insight to the impending chaos, but this season, they nolonger know entirely what is going on. With probably two season left, speculations, fan theories, and possible outcomes are being debated. The books and series will have forked, and one report said they will each end differently. And of course, the biggest question is, who will end up on the Iron throne?

Before last weeks episode, the idea of Shireen on the throne sounded pretty nice. Those hopes were burnt to a crisp. Maybe Stanis will get to sit on the Iron throne, perhaps it is destined, but I hope he would not keep it for long. Every other hope or speculation as to whom might end up king (or queen) of the seven realms is up in the air.

In a Song of Fire and Ice, where the true enemy of mankind is a horde of frozen necromancers, fire would seem to be the solution. The hope that Daenerys is able to take all of Westeros is not only the most logical, but the most optimistic, as long as she dose’t inherit her fathers madness, the restoration of the Targaryen house would be as close to a happy ending as you are ever going to get in a George R.R. Martin story. Another positive outcome might be the unlikely accession of the Starks. Bran’s got his own thing talking to tree people, but Sansa on the throne with her assassin sister keeping enemies in check would also be pretty sweet. I wouldn’t mind seeing the matriarch of house Tyrell on the throne, or even the Martells. Emma Peel or Dr. Julian Bashir might make great arch monarchs, but those seem unlikely.

Now, there are a few other possible fuzzy, happy outcomes, but westernness is not a fuzzy happy place. The scheming Littlefinger would love to find his way on the throne, but seems most powerful when he’s causing chaos from the shadows. The Lannisters still have their sway, but the only two likable ones are out of the running. There is always the Ironborn, vicious pirates who worship a lovecraftian corpse god, and the Freys and their five billion children. Neither of them would be too nice on the throne

For the purely nihilistic, the age of man might fail, and frost bitten necromancers and their army of undead wrights are a perfect solution the the revolting virus that is humankind. For all their petty squabbling, the fighting over a throne might not be worth a damn when no one stands a chance against the long winter of ice and darkness.

Still, the absolute worst outcome, the psychotic, and masochistic Boltons. Torture, pain and suffering is all The Seven would know if they took the throne. An army of frosty death sounds pretty nice in comparison.

Contributing Houses:

drafturgy – R’hllor

Shock – The Bastard King

The theme selected for week one-seventy-one of Operation Graphite will be: The Iron Throne.


Season 5 of Game of Thrones is drawing to a close. It was a bit of a rough season, only really picking up with episode 8. Tyrion meeting Daenerys, along with some White Walker action help pick the show out of the god awful Bolton slump. Just a few episodes to go, and pretty much anything can happen. No really, they’ve shot way past the books, no one has a clue what will happen next. How is the season going to end? How will the show end? and who will end up as King or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. This week we delve into speculation, nihilism, and George R. R. Martin’s cruel word-craft. Who do you thing will end up on the Iron throne? Who do you hope, or fear might claim the Iron Throne in the end? This week is your chance to speculate.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: The Iron Throne.

All art work is due on Thursday, 6.11.15 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 6.12.15

Week one-ninteen of Operation Graphite – theme: Game of Thrones.

Shock - The Viper and The Mountain

Sunday is the last episode in season four of Game of Thrones, plenty of time to have your heart broken as another favorite character dies. Does George R.R. Martin have a sick desire to emotionally crush all of his fans, is he actively rebelling against normal narrative conventions and predictable formulas, or is it kind of like Whedon’s reasoning behind killing off popular characters? Unless any character can die at any time, you will never truly be afraid that a character will not survive an obstacle. Perhaps it’s a little bit of all three. I’d say there are four or so characters from A Song of Fire and Ice that will be sticking around for a while, but all those other characters, death is just waiting for the right time. And in the end, all men (and women) must die.

Shock – The Red Viper and The Mountain

The theme selected for week one-ninteen of Operation Graphite will be: Game of Thrones.


The season is wapping up, only two more episodes left to see which favorite character (or several all at once) die tragically. I’m still a little shaken after the little dance between the Viper and the Mountain. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know what kind of heartbreak I should prepare myself for. Every episode is a white knuckle experience, just waiting for something bad to happen.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Game of Thrones.

All art work is due on Thursday, 6.12.13 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 6.13.13

Week thirty nine of Operation Graphite – Theme: The Undead.

This past week, the US Military admitted to training its soldiers for the Zombie Apocalypse. The official press statement mentioned the purpose was to imagine a worst case scenario, that ultimately would prepare soldiers for a future Terrorist attack or Natural Disaster. Perhaps that is all it is, or perhaps a vial of the Rage virus has gotten lose, maybe the Necronomicon is in the hands of our enemies? In what might be the twilight hours of the human race, remember these last words; remove the head, or destroy the brain. Fire, fire is good to.

Contributing Walking Dead:

bruku – Nazi Zombies

kalebschad – Undead

Shock – White walker

Thank you for feasting on your neighbors brains.

The theme selected for week thirty nine of Operation Graphite will be: The Undead.

A theme just in time for All Hallows Eve, that which is neither alive nor dead. For within this category can be anything from Vampire or Zombie, to Litch Kings and White Walkers. As we prepare our costumes and greet the trick-or-treaters, make sure to take some time to depict the walking dead or devourers of life force.

Any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme, The Undead, is fair game.

All art work is due on Thursday 11.1.12. Submissions will be published the following Friday 11.2.12.

What is dead may never die.