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Week thirty three of Operation Graphite – Theme: Animal Hybrid.


Let’s welcome a new member to the Corps, as we ride our hybrid animal abominations into battle. What might someday become reality thanks to genetic engineering, will for now only remain possible though art and special effects. Science is already frighteningly close to creating such creatures. There already are genetically engineered goats with spider DNA, whose milk contains spider silk protein that can be spun into silk. Sadly these goats look just like regular goats and don’t have eight eyes and eight legs. Kinda makes me wish I would had drawn that… maybe glad I didn’t, I might have nightmares for weeks from that mental image. Hey, next week’s theme Nightmare!

Contributing Monstrous Chimeras

bruku – Orangubat

drafturgy – B’wana Beast and Squid Elephant

kalebschad – Diamond Spotted Dake

Sethomatic – Lion head, gorilla arms and a python Torso

Shock – Antlered Tiguana

Thank you for experimenting with animal DNA.


The theme selected for week thirty three of Operation Graphite will be: Animal Hybrid.

A thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire. Daughter of Typon and Echidna, Chimera ravaged Lycia until Bellerphon mounted the winged stallion Pegasus and attacked her from above. 

Hybrid animals are plentiful in various ancient mythologies, from the Egyptian Ammit and Gryphon, to the Greek Hippocamp and the Chinese Qilin. Even the modern day taxidermic parody, the Jackalope, is an example of an animal hybrid. This week we can either create our own hybrid animal, or delve in to the rich mythological catalog for inspiration. The creature may be cute or monstrous, but it must be all animal, no human DNA allowed.

Please submit a drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media of a Hybrid Animal

All art work is due on Thursday 9.20.12. Submissions will be published the following Friday 9.21.12.