Operation: Galactic Empire

Posted: 12/27/2016 in Operation After Action Report
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Week two-fourty-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Galactic Empire.


Did we all see Rouge One? There were some new Imperial wardrobes to have mix emotions about. Yes, they are the genocidal, white supremacist, bad guys, but damn if those are’t some cool outfits.  Actually, there was a, blink and you miss it, moment where you can see a rebel who has a black imperial scout helmet as part of his kit. So you can technically still enjoy the duds of the arch villainous, space nazis by harvesting their members and forcing them to relinquish their armor, before throwing them to the mind reading octopus. I’m looking forward to the future cosplayers who build hodgepodge armors for rebel commandos using parts of Imperial troopers. Because we can’t let the Mandalorians have all the customization fun!

Shock – Shoretrooper



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