Operation: The Monster Squad

Posted: 08/26/2016 in Operation After Action Report
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Week two-thirty-three of Operation Graphite – theme: The Monster Squad.

Shock - Wolfman

In a summer of lack luster sequels and reboots, and even another Squad movie, old movies and new TV shows that have the feel of old movies are extraordinarily popular. Not to completely rag on all this summers movies, Civil War was pretty good, and I just saw Kubo and the Two Strings, and that was really fun. There were’t many other films I even got out to see. It’s not as easy to get out and see a movie these days, so when a flood of weak reviews come in, I lose much of my excitement. We don’t need reboots of movies from the 80’s, we need new movies that feel as if they came from the 80’s. Is that a strait up remake. is that dissecting multiple films and creating a nostalgic Frankenstein, or is it about capturing the fun, pacing and innovation of some of those early film?

Shock – Wolfman (with nards)


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