Operation: Captain America

Posted: 07/03/2016 in Operation After Action Report
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Week two-twenty-five of Operation Graphite – theme: Captain America.

Shock - Cap

Happy Forth of July! My neighborhood sounds like a war zone. What other comic character is more Patriotic than Captain America? A character so annoyingly patriotic I never was a fan of him till the Marvel movies. I’ll give credit to Chris Evans and the team heading up the MCU, they’ve taken a jockish boy scout of a character and created an idealistic and sympathetic hero out of time. One of the striking feelings I had after seeing Civil War was that Iron Man may have been the one who was more in the right, but Cap would have been the leader I would have been more inclined to followed. The creators intentionally made it so there was no right or wrong side, making the conflict between friends even tougher.

Shock – Stealth Suit Cap


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