Week 216: Doohickey

Posted: 04/20/2016 in Operation Mission Briefing
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The theme selected for week two-sixteen of Operation Graphite will be: Doohickey.


For a number of years now work has been proceeding in order to bring to perfection the crudely conceived idea of a machine that would not only supply inverse reactive current for us in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters.

The theme this week is any kind of doohickey, whatzit, or gadget, be it whimsical, practical or used for operating nofer trunnions whenever a barescent skor motion is required in conjunction with a drawn reciprocating dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Doohickey.

All art work is due 9 P.M. PST on Friday, 4.29.16. Submissions will be published the weekend of 4.30.16


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