Week two-oh-eight of Operation Graphite – theme: Four.

Shock - The Light Warriors

And so, it’s been four years already, and I can’t say I know where this is going. I’ve had a few good drawings, and quite a few terrible ones, but I’ve been drawing. I’m thankful for my friends who have participated from time to time. Several of those friends have submitted quite a few works. I do not blame any members of the Graphite Corps for not being more consistent, I have to force myself most weeks to keep at it. The goal was to find a way to force myself to draw more, and also to force myself to write more. Where I one time thought I might be able to do art for a career, I never imagined myself wanting to be a writer. My entire reason for picking up a pencil is about getting an idea out of my head. Usually it is sketching that puts that idea to paper, but there are also stories I’d like to eventually tell, and ideas that I hope I can put to words. You don’t need to be a writer to want to be able to write better.

But now, I believe I might only keep this operation alive for one more year. A five year mission, just like for the original Enterprise. It is been harder and harder to fit drawing into my schedule. This week is a perfect example, I had an idea I couldn’t succeed at in just a few lunch breaks. I’ve been unable to start any long term projects, both because of time, because of these Grey Ops, and also not really even having space in a tiny place with two kids.

When this ends, I may change the format of Operation Graphite. Maybe one theme a month. Maybe it will no longer be a community project. Maybe I will start some longer term projects and have updates every week. Or maybe, I will just give up. I don’t know if any one even reads this thing.

Just checked my Wordpress stats, and apparently  four people from Albania read this site today. Përshëndetje!

Shock – The Light Warriors.


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