Operation: The X-Files

Posted: 02/01/2016 in Operation After Action Report
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Week two-oh-eight of Operation Graphite – theme: The X-Files.

Shock - Smoking man

X-Files is back, and it’s kind of strange. So far I have only seen the first episode of this new season, but it gives me a weird feeling. To start with, the first of six episodes has Fox Mulder cranking the crazy up to eleven pretty quickly. There isn’t much time before the premiere episode is about him rambling about government conspiracies like Alex Jones on meth bender. Maybe they needed to ease into things, maybe my memories of the show painted Fox differently.

In one hour, an entire litany of real conspiracy theories were rattled of, nearly all of which I was familiar with. This context shows the writers were doing their homework, and works to make the show feel as reel as possible, but it was also tiring as I have heard of some of these conspiracies endlessly. There are still five more episodes left, and I am still excited for them, as a past fan, but also it is one of the few shows that my wife also enjoys.

There is a problem though, and it is not the show, it is me. When I was originally addicted to the X-files for most if its original 9 seasons, I was firmly on team Mulder. I ate up UFO lore and enjoyed all the government conspiracy plot lines. Years later, after lots of research into extra terrestrial lore, various conspiracy theories and some lessons in critical thinking, I believe I am pretty firmly in Dana Scully’s camp. Sure, I want to believe, I want to thing there is something wilder, more complicated, and grandiose than the normal mundane world. The problem is all about proof. The problem also has a lot to do with tiresome paranoia. I’m looking forward more to the monster episodes in this brief season, because not only did get so sick of the X-files mythology after 9 years, I also kinda got sick of most real life UFO and government conspiracies. A few real life UFO stories still hold some weight for me, but the vast majority seem like utter nonsense. And I’m not just saying that because the guy sitting next to me, smoking Morley cigarettes is telling me to…

Shock – Cigarette Smoking Man


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