Operation: Doodle

Posted: 01/17/2016 in Uncategorized

Week two-oh-one of Operation Graphite –  theme: Doodle.

Shock - Bubblegum and the Tumbleweeds

I had a surprising amount of difficulty with this week. For a theme that was supposed to be open and light on structure, I had a tough time finding a doodle that worked. I started two or three sketches that were either too forced, boring, or just plain un presentable; that last one might be the big issue with the theme. Doodles are random brain droppings, hand exercises or daydreaming scribbles, they are never meant to be for anyone to see. Now, years ago, before my brain ossified, I did have large sprawling doodles that when the page was complete, was actually rather impressive as a whole. Others artist have these large sprawling doodles that retain some sort of consistency and complexity while still being free form and unplanned. That was what I was hoping for, but found myself missing my target. The end result really isn’t like most organic doodles of mine, but did try to fill a page with weird characters, so that kind of worked. I mostly like the devil playing bass.

Shock – Bubblegum and the Tumbleweeds


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