Operation: The Force Awakens, Again.

Posted: 01/11/2016 in Operation After Action Report

Week Two-Hundred of Operation Graphite – theme: The Force Awakens, Again.

Shock - Rey

Well, did you see it? Did you like it? Did you feel it was too much of a rehash of the original film? Did you like the new characters? Did you like seeing Harrison Ford at his most wrinkly and curmudgeonly?

I loved the film. After the disappointing prequels, it was nice to get back to feeling like a Star Wars film. That is why I felt like it was ok to share some of the beats from, A New Hope. I did kinda hate the new Death Star. You would think the cost vs. benefit of galactic super-weapons that are destroyed after the test fire would not be so prevalent. Maybe if that super weapon was a one shot, disposable type of device, but to always have it be the primary base? Sounds like bad strategy for the space nazis that hope to conquer the galaxy.

The thing that made this new Star Wars film so great was the characters, pure and simple. The plot was reused, the story had a minor hiccups, but it was the characters made the film shine. The film was also well paced and executed, and that credit goes to JJ. I doubted early on, but he did a great job. Not so great that I can forgive him for his Star Trek movies yet. he still has a bit of that to work off.

Shock – Rey


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