Week 182: Nebula

Posted: 08/20/2015 in Operation Mission Briefing
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The theme selected for week one-eighty-two of Operation Graphite will be: Nebula.


To finish off the groundless, impromptu month of Marvel, I wanted to end with a villain, and with with a female villain, and also one who wasn’t a mutant. Those were tough boundaries to work within, and made me aware that most of my favorite women in the Marvel Universe are wrapped up in the X-men family. But what about Nebula? Ok, without Guardians of the Galaxy, I wouldn’t have known anything about her, but she is pretty bad ass. A space pirate mercenary who, depending on comic version or movie version, is either the granddaughter or adopted daughter of Thanos. She’s wiped out entire civilizations, wielded the Infinity Gauntlet, and was so terrifying she got Thanos to team up with the Avengers to defeat her. She also didn’t die in Guardians of the Galaxy, and will be back… with a vengeance…probably.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Nebula

All art work is due 9 P.M. PST on Friday, 8.27.15. Submissions will be published the weekend of 8.28.15


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