Operation: Deadpool

Posted: 08/16/2015 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-eighty of Operation Graphite – theme: Deadpool.

The Merc with a mouth has been a popular character for a while. Back in the 90’s when morally grey anti-heroes were all the rage, a character who looked like a Deathstroke rip off entered the scene. That weird blend of morally ambivalent hyper violence, paired with the sense of humor of a middle school, class clown has gained a loyal following. Though never successful with his own comic, Deadpool has appeared in many comics, and is seen in both mutant, and not mutant titles in the Marvel Universe. And now that dude from, Two guys, a girl and a pizza place, is playing him. Weird, right?

Contributing loud mouth, smart asses:

Sethomatik – Deadpool

Shock – Who has two thumbs and loves Chimichangas?


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