Operation: Wolverine

Posted: 08/09/2015 in Uncategorized

Week one-seventy-nine of Operation Graphite – theme: Wolverine.

Everyone loves a curmudgeonly bad ass. One of the cool things about Wolverine, his character works perhaps better when he is in civilian clothes. So many other superheroes are so dependent on their costume, and yes Wolverine has various official costumes, but typically for other characters, once they are out of uniform, they are out of character. For all the people hoping Wolvie puts on his classic brown and yellow costume for the last movie, let me just say that that would be terrible. Sure, it looks pretty cool on the comic page, with his weird mask that kinda resembles his hair, but it is not going to work in live action. Masks for heroes are not necessary if there isn’t either an identity they’re trying to hide, or it’s a full out protective helmet. Wolverine is just a throwback to a code name, Logan isn’t trying to hide who he is, and when he is, it isn’t that effective. But like Supermans outside underwear, there are so many comic tropes that can’t quite be shook. Bright yellow on a costume works when you are trying to differentiate characters on an already limited palette comic page. Now I’m not for all black leather jumpsuits either, but Wolverine is stills Wolverine even if he is just in jeans and a shirt. Don’t get me started on the whole bone claw origins thing.

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