Operation: Architecture

Posted: 07/26/2015 in Operation After Action Report

Week one-seventy-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Architecture.

Shock - Palmyra

Perhaps my little travel sketchbook is not ideal for an architectural sketches. Perhaps it is a lack of proper tools, or maybe I just don’t have the patience for architectural studies. I imagine an era before photography, when archeologists would have to go out into the field with pen and paper to document finds too large to bring back. Sure, they probably had proper drafting tools, and more time than a lunch break to catalog their discoveries, but at that time, their artistic skill was needed to do the job. Back then, many fields including archeology, biology and medicine would benefit from some artistic training. Some day in the future, photographs may no longer be taken by archeologists and other occupations. Laser scans and other high tech imaging techniques might be a vast improvement our primitive photos.

Shock – Palmyra


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