Operation: Fencing

Posted: 07/12/2015 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-seventy-five of Operation Graphite – theme: Fencing


This week I got my first stab at rapier sparing in class. I’ve got a few welts to show for it too. Funny how all the training seems to melt away once an actual fight, or sparring mach takes place. And though I may never really need to put 17th Century, Italian swordplay to use, there are things that apply to other armed, and unarmed fighting styles. But why are we fighting anyways? When one really looks at the words, Martial Arts, does it mean the beauty of combat, or killing with grace? Martial arts are really more of a science than an art, but to see someone showing off their skill is a rather beautiful thing. A science that appears as art, concerning itself with the preservation of the practitioner, might be a good way to describe it. However, there will probably never be a moment where one would need to employ renaissance swordsmanship in a life or death situation in 2015. Most HEMA people are history buffs, or were never able to detach themselves from stories of swordsmen and swashbuckling. There is an allure to training to use a weapon as close to historically accurate as safety will allow, but knowing you will never actually have to employ that skill in the real world.

Shock – Lunge


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