Operation: Battle Beasts

Posted: 04/24/2015 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-sixty-four of Operation Graphite – theme: Battle Beasts.

Shock - Battle Beaver

Nostalgia is all the rage these days. The 80’s especially seem to be an endless source for revival material. And while I might harp against such revamps, updates and rehashes, in truth these are some of the properties I’m dying to see brought back. If every update and reboot would be more likeĀ Battlestar Galactica, and less like the Transformers, there would be lots of happy geeks out there. Battle Beasts were a ridiculous concept, and probably crazy enough to be spared from any future movie adaptations. But the vast numbers of possible anthropomorphic animals in futuristic armor is still a cool concept, maybe not movie material, but perhaps the video game world could run with it.

Shock – Battle Beaver


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