Operation: Robert E. Howard

Posted: 04/10/2015 in Operation After Action Report

Week one-sixty-two of Operation Graphite – theme: Robert E. Howard.

I’ve been meaning to see the film, “The whole wide world” for quite a while. Instead of a film adapted from the bloody and adventurous Robert E. Howard novels, this was a film about his life in Texas in the 1930’s. Howard seems like he might have been a troubled person, and his stories only contribute to this profile. The sword and sorcery genre has been criticized as being, tales of of the power for the powerless. While Robert E. Howard’s talent and imagination elevated the genre, when thinking of his tragic end, it is difficult to not wonder how powerless he might have felt. I still love the Conan character, and revel in the over the top action and style.

Contributing Adventurers:

Sethomatik – Sad Conan, Sonja had a Lightsaber

Shock – Dark Agnes de Chastillion

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