Operation: A-Force

Posted: 03/13/2015 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-fifty-eight of Operation Graphite – theme: A-Force.


Soon there will be an all female Ghostbusters, for a while there was a TV Show about the superhero girls in Gotham City, and now there is going to be an all women Avengers team. I’m kind of surprised it hadn’t happened sooner. Actually, an all female X-men (XX-Force?) is something could have seen even earlier. The Claremont years had the X-men roster almost even in the male to female ratio. Few other comics had so many female characters for a superhero comic. So not surpassingly, a big chunk of A-Force will be mutants, but it looks like quite a few other heroines will be joining this team.

Contributing Avengers:

kalebschad – She Hulk

Shock – (Mohawk) Storm, Wasp, She Hulk and Medusa.


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