Operation: Meleagrididae

Posted: 11/14/2014 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-fourty-one of Operation Graphie – theme: Meleagrididae.

Shock - Turkey neck

While the turkey may not be the most handsome member of the aves family, they are a rather fascinating creature. Birds in general become even more fascinating after the realization that they are descendants of dinosaurs. The feathered nature of dinosaurs is still not precisely know, nearly all had feathers, but unknown is to what extent. Long or short feathers, vibrant or dull colors, plumage varies so wildly between bird species; it is hard to imagine what dinosaurs might actually look like. And then there are turkeys, where it isn’t the feathers alone that make it distinct. Chickens, turkeys and a few other birds have caruncles, those are the weird fleshy bits on their head. Specifically, the comb, snood, wattle, and dewlap are those fleshy bits, that for all we know, some dinosaurs might have had them too. The snood is probably the most disturbing (and is about to get a whole lot more disturbing) which is that weird little fleshy bit that hangs off the tip of the beak. This is erectile tissue, and becomes engorged with blood when the turkey becomes enraged or aroused. Thats right, a little ragging turkey boner, let that sink in as you eat your holiday meal.

Shock – Turkey neck

  1. shockmomma says:

    Love the Turkey…printed and hanging on the office wall!

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