Week one-thirty-eight of Operation Graphite – theme: Agincourt.


This Saturday is the Feast of Saint Crispin, and if it were not for Shakespeare, that day would likely be as forgettable as the Feast of Castor of Tarsus. But a play, and its often rehashed soliloquy, centered around the Battle of Agincourt. One of the bloodiest battles of the Hundred Years War, and perhaps the reason for much of the lingering animosity between French and English, took place near the town of Azincourt, where a chunk of France once belonged to the Kingdom of England. A battle where the pinnacle of plate armor technology was no mach for a muddy field, and repeated volleys from English long bows led to victory for an army out numbered four to one.

Contributing Men-at-Arms:

Sethomatik – Agincourt

shawnbrookwilliams – Anachronistic Anatomically Incorrect Agincourt

Shock – Henry V


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