Week one-thirty-six of Operation Graphite – theme: John Carpenter Films.

Shock - all out of bubble gum

Horror films are usually playing around the clock this time of year, and so many of the modern films owe something to the work of John Carpenter. Halloween, is often thought of as the first slasher film, but it is actually a lesser known film, Black Christmas, that was the first true Slasher film. Believe it or not, that film was directed by the same guy who did, A Christmas Story. That’s almost as strange as the fact that George Miller, director of the original Mad Max movies, also directed Happy Feet and Babe. Carpenter was still a master of horror, and while he excelled at that genre, he also directed some great action movies too, and that one sci-fi, romantic, road trip movie staring The Dude that inspired me to visit Berringer Crater when I was traveling cross country. That one was pretty cool too.

Shock – …and I’m all out of bubblegum.


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