Week one-thirty-four of Operation Graphite – theme: Fantastic Four.

There was a time when the Fantastic Four was kind of revolutionary in the comic world. Back in the Silver age of comics, most superhero teams were pretty banal. The teams always got along, using each ones unique powers to thwart their enemies devious plans. The Fantastic Four were a the dysfunctional family. Modern incarnations of, the Avengers, and other super hero teams has taken a lot of cues from chaotic dynamic that the Fantastic Four innovated. It was funny that around the time the last two horrible Fantastic Four movies came out, there was The Incredibles, which was very much inspires by the FF, buy a far superior film. This new one, Who knows, but it is being directed by the guy who did Chronicle, and that was pretty awesome.

Fantastic Contributors:

sethomatic  – The Thing

Shock – John Saxon, would have made an absolutely perfect Reed Richards Circa 1973.


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