Operation: John Hughes Films

Posted: 09/12/2014 in Operation After Action Report
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Week one-thirty-two of Operation Graphite – theme: John Hughes Films.

Shock - Cameron Frye

Many are nostalgic for the films of John Hughes, especially since he died rather young; those films gain another layer of importance. But while many of those films deal with high school teen drama, they’ve become a little hard to watch. Just revisiting the idea of high school again is painful enough, but looking back, some other things were pretty messed up. Ferris Bueller was kind of a psychopath, Ducky was a total stalker, and don’t even get me started on Long Duk Dong. I do like the theory that Ferris Bueller is actually a fantasy alter ego of Cameron Frye, in a Tyler Durden kid of way.

Shock  – Call me Sir god damnit!


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