Week one-thirty of Operation Graphite – theme: Indiana Jones.

If only you spoke Hovitos

As much as my generation obsesses over Indiana Jones, one also thinks of the negative impact of the films. I don’t mean the spin offs and the lack luster successors in the treasure hunter adventure genre. The real negative impact of the Indiana Jones films is the damage done to the field of Archeology and academic sciences. While many Archeologist today were inspired by these films, they all to well know how incorrect Dr. Jones’ methods were. Tomb raider and treasure thief, or pot hunter is probably closer to what Indiana Jones really was. Then again, the films didn’t portray an accedameic dig, they were about trying acquire something before the antagonist does. Rigorous academic protocols pretty much evaporate when the Nazis are after you. Pretty much any formalities fall by the wayside when the Naizs are on your ass.

Shock – …if only you spoke Hovitos.


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