Week one-twenty-nine of Operation Graphite – theme: Napoleonic Era.

Shock - Dragoon

After thinking about the Napoleonic Wars a bit, and the impact on the world it had, I started to think about a few recent events. I’m grateful for living in one of the few countries that had a revolution, and immediately afterwards, a stable government was established. But the US is a rare exception, we were not a long established country, but a fledging colony. Everywhere else in the world, when a major government was toppled, that was just the beginning of the shit. After it’s revolution, France had the Reign of Terror, then the military took over. One power hungry Corsican, who was actually of average height contrary to what people believe today, proclaimed himself emperor of France, and then tried to take over the world… like you do. Russia tried overthrowing their monarch later on too, but like in France, once you create a power vacuum, you don’t always know who will fill that void. While things are very different today in the middle east, a great and terrible vacuum in power was created, and that void was filled by an even more terrible group. I wouldn’t want to suggest change for the better is futile, but it is sobering to realize that rebellion it is not like changing a tire, and more like extinguishing a submarine fire by opening the hatch.

Shock – Dragoon


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