Week one-seventeen of Operation Graphite – theme: Mad Men

Shock - Ken Cosgrove

These mid season breaks are bullshit, especially when that pause is six months long, that’s next season. It’s not like this is a struggling show, but we’ll still have to wait till 2015 for season 7.5 of Mad Men.

A show that some think is painfully boring, and others see as the best show on TV; Mad Men is an interesting take on 60’s culture, and the dawn of modern, hyper commercialism. As we try to navigate the omnipresent advertising in our online, and real world, it was those Mad Men who first began taking psychology and manipulation to a whole new level in the pursuit of higher sales. Even in high school, I was fascinated by marketing. Why do we chose one product over another? As some have turned against modern consumerism and marketing practices, it’s important to know why we buy the things we buy, both to protect ourselves, but also for whatever we might be ourselves marketing, be it goods or services.

If there were any other contributors this week, If figured Don and Joan would have been the most popular, so I went with minor character and keep with last weeks eye patch streak. Cosgrove was played by the same actor who played the main Cop in LA Noir, so I often half expect him to start brutally interrogating someone while watching the show.

Shock – Ken Cosgrove


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