Week 103: Big Ass Truck

Posted: 02/12/2014 in Operation Mission Briefing
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The theme selected for week one-o-three of Operation Graphite will be: Big Ass Truck.


For some, it’s status symbol and measure of automotive machismo. Others might see it as a garish and ridicules. Weather you are in the camp that likes to hang a pair of chrome testicles on the trailer hitch or your lifted F350, or if you someone who see’s the flamboyant display of ostentatious machinery as a sign of ones inadequate genital size; Big Ass Trucks are fair game this week for either praise or ridicule.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Big Ass Truck.

All art work is due on Thursday, 2.20.13. Submissions will be published the following Friday, 2.21.13

Send your ideas for new themes with your submission and guide future Grey Ops.


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