The theme selected for week ninety eight of Operation Graphite will be: Bogeyman.


Almost every culture has a monster that children fear, who lurks in the dark, and is often used as a warning against bad behavior. Misbehave or stay up past your bed time, and the Bogeyman will get you. When he (or she) does get snatch a child, they are usually eaten, or perhaps carried off in a sack for a later meal. From the Sack Man and Der schwarze Mann, to Namahage and Lulu-khorkhore, every culture talks of this creature. And if every culture, in every country, if all around the world this being is know, then it must be real. Maybe as we speak it is lurking in the shadows, just waiting waiting for you to get close enough. Did you hear that?

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Bogeyman.

All art work is due on Thursday, 1.16.13. Submissions will be published the following Friday, 1.17.1

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