Week ninety one of Operation Graphite – theme: Zodiac.

Pseudo Science of some form appeals to nearly everoyone. And while different people might scoff at others beliefs as quackery, a hoax or nonsense, there are very few people who are truly rational and entirely empirical in their thinking. I had the pleasure of once working with a prominent astronomer. Between breaks in an interview about cosmology, this very scientific person interjected that she was “a Cancer, and ruled by the Moon.” Though she refused to admit to such things on camera, her ability to associate with a divination system that is completely debunked by her profession illustrates the human desire to believe in the mystical. As science begins to eclipse truths with facts, there seems to be a hidden chamber within our rational mind that still wants to believe.

Contributing Signs:

shawnbrookwilliams – Scorpion

Shock – Capricorn One

Thank you for contributing.

  1. Micah says:

    Dammit, I passed out before I could draw anything. . .

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