Operation: Steampunk

Posted: 11/15/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week ninety of Operation Graphite – theme: Steampunk.

Shock - Iron Horse

There was some hesitation to go with steampunk as a theme. It’s one of those situations where the explosion in popularity has nearly corroded my once immense enthusiasm for this retro futuristic subgenera. It is not due to the style and subject matters meteoric rise, but the direction, or perhaps more accurately the current absurd execution of steampunk style today. Classic Jules Verne novels and modern Miyazaki animations stick out in my mind as the gold standards of the subgenera. Now days this setting of historical science fiction that never was is more of a filter to apply to pop culture. There is the steampunk version of this and the steampunk version of that, but I really can’t recall the last time there was a good story set in a steampunk setting. I love the look of some steampunk style, but what we often see now is the ludicrous and whimsical caricatures of steampunk culture tropes. It’s all top hats, monocles and exposed gears that don’t do a god damn thing. While deep down I still love a good story set in a rich world where a steam engine could power a mechanical T-rex, today the word steampunk is more akin to a style of fetish gear than that of a literary genera.

Shock – Iron Horse

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