Week eighty nine of Operation Graphite – theme: Crossover.

Shock - Freeze and Phoenix

Once upon a time, just bringing two characters from the same publisher together was considered a Crossover. When Batman and Super man meet, or when the Avengers and X-men clashed or teamed up. Now days, we tend to think of Crossovers as pairings from totally different worlds. Most of these official crossovers are delicate matters with lots of lawyers involved, working out who gets what rights and what profits from the collaboration. Do we want to see all these figures mingling with each other, or do we want absolute boundaries between each universe? Samus Aran and Tony Stark seem like an epic duo, as would Teddy Roosevelt and Allan Quartermain. Similar archetypes, or perfectly contrasting archetypes, across different universes can make great stories. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen certainly was a  great example of a crossover, and one that benefited from the Public Domain to side step any messy copyright issues.

Shock – Freeze and Phoenix


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