Week eighty eight of Operation Graphite – theme: Witches.

Year after year, the Witch is one of the most popular and enduring Halloween costumes. Even though the origins of the holiday are rooted in European paganism, the ritual and aesthetics of Halloween are very much an American creation. And no other Halloween costume has quite the link to the American macabre as the Witch. While different forms of witchcraft is found in many ancient cultures, the Salem Witch trial and puritanical freak-out in the colonial era ties these users of witchcraft to the history of our nation. And paramount for a good Halloween character is ambiguity. Are these brides of Satan damned the deepest reaches of Hell for selling their soul to the dark lord in exchange for arcane powers? Are these women simply innocent victims of religious zealots who wanted to eradicate independent women and seise their property? Using black magic, white magic, or every hue in between, witches ignite our imaginations whether they be hero, villain or peaceful master of wortcunning.

Contributing Witches:

Micah – Witches

Shock – Warts and all

Thank you for Contributing.


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