Operation: Hell Spawn

Posted: 09/20/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week eighty two of Operation Graphite – theme: Hell Spawn.

Well, the boy is late. He was due last Saturday, and he doesn’t seem to want to leave the warm comfortable security of his mothers womb any time soon. Hell, I don’t blame him, I didn’t want to leave either. I was two weeks late myself. They had to cut my mother open to get me out of that soft safe place. If he had any idea how much college is going to cost in 18 years, or how all American jobs will be either outsourced or done by robots by the time he needs to find work, or even how Monsanto will own the patent on his genome so by the time he’s and adult he’ll have to pay them a license fee every month so his organs aren’t harvested, well… I don’t think I would want to come out either.

Contributing Hell Spawn:

kalebschad – Satan Spawn

Micah – Hellings

Shock – Late Little Devil

Thank you for continuing the human race by creating hellish offspring.


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