Operation: Gotham City Villains

Posted: 08/23/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week seventy eight of Operation Graphite – theme: Gotham City Villains.

Shock - Ra s Al Goul

Maybe the League of Shadows is onto something. Gotham City is a cesspool of crime, corruption and decay. You really think some guy in a cape will help it? Ok, really about two dozen guys and gals with capes, and we’re not even talking about super humans here, you think they could keep Gotham safe? No, that city is a lost cause. Imagine Detroit, not present day Detroit, but Robocop Detroit. Now quadruple the crime and give every psychopath twenty henchmen with matching outfits. No, the only to clean up Gotham is to Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Shock – Ra’s al Ghul


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