Week seventy four of Operation Graphite – theme: Aliens.

Where once Goblins, Fairies and Elves inhabited popular consciousness, now meddling extra terrestrials are the nocturnal visitors people wonder about. In a thousand years, will we have totally new explanations for abduction myths and lights in the sky, or will we rule out all fantastical explanations for these mysteries? Maybe we will finally loose all these colorful theories once sleep paralysis and other neurological phenomena are understood.  But what if we actual make contact by then? Even if current theories of aliens are disproven, that doesn’t disprove the possibility of aliens. If the Drake equation is ever found to be anywhere near correct, and we do find a celestial neighbor, will it shatter all previous ideas of aliens or will it cement them? With so many popular culture references for aliens, could one of those ideas be close? Lets just hope they are the Phoning Home kind, and not the Face Hugging kind.

Contributing Extra Terrestrials:

Micah – Various Aliens

sethomatic – Xenomorph

Shock – Four Weirdos

Thank you for contributing.


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