Week seventy three of Operation Graphite – theme: Devil.

Red skin, horns and a pitch fork. Actually, The horns were inspired by Pan and fauns of greek mythology. The pitch fork is actually a trident on loan from Poseidon. The red skin parallels the flush of blood when one is enraged or consumed with lust. Like an amalgam of pagan gods and deadly sins to detour the pious, the devil is  an allegory for the side of our nature we try to keep in check. To indulge in these sins is to fall into corruption and villainy, but to exclude some of them all together is to miss out on the delights this world has to offer. Some might say that abstinence from earthly delights is the ticket to paradise, but how dismal that paradise would be if it were only for the puritanical. That actually sounds like Hell.

Contributing devils:

Micah – Devil

sethomatic – Devilish

Shock – Mephistopheles

Thank you for being wicked little deviants.

  1. maranda bloa says:

    ***(((—SATAN IS A -LIAR—-)))***

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