Week seventy two of Operation Graphite – theme: Ninjas.

Remember a few years ago when the whole, Pirate vs. Ninja, was a thing? At it’s core it was about who would win in a fight, which is dumb, but I’ll get into that later. What it kinda became was a choice. With which do you identify, are you a pirate or a ninja? Both are very different, and maybe I was the only one who thought this, but it was this great way to divide personality styles. Most can agree that both pirates and ninjas are pretty damn cool, but what do you see yourself as. Are you loud, often drunk and have a chaotic spirit for adventure, or are you quiet, calculating and with a focus on balance? It’s kind about extroverts vs. introverts, not really about fighting styles. But lets face it, pirates were not martial artists. Fearsome, cut throat marauders of the hight seas, yes, but discipline, heightened human focus and agility… no. Most ninja assassinations were accomplished with the victims never knowing what the fuck happened. Ninjas have no honor, they do not meet on a level playing field. Pirates fight pretty dirty too, but ninjas are way sneakier. Some pirate would show up, pistols loaded and cutlas thirsting for blood. Out of the blue, a poison dart, or some stealthy behind the back throat slash takes out the pirate before he even has the chance to get to the first, R in Yarr. Now, if some ninja was stranded out in the open, in broad day light with only a katana, and the pirate has a belt full of flintlocks… maybe the pirate would win, maybe.

Contributing Shinobi

sethomatic – Leonardo

Shock – Foot Clan

Thank you for contributing.


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