Week sixty nine of Operation Graphite – theme: Literal Sports Mascot.

Sports can bring out the best, and also the worst in people. As someone who wasn’t originally very enthusiastic about pro sports, I had my negative opinions. The silly trash talk and the outlandish boasting of ones home team, the elevating of some terrible people to fame and stardom for just playing a game, and the opinion that everyone from the other team is a terrorist, kitten rapist. It probably wasn’t till college that I really gave pro sports a chance. That first year I met some of my best friends in college at gatherings where we watched the first Packer Superbowl win in thirty years. It’s still a bunch of guys getting paid obscene amounts of money to play a silly game, but In time I grew to appreciate the camaraderie of cheering for a common team, and picking on the other. Just as long as it isn’t taken too seriously.

Contributing Teams:

kalebschad – Vikings

Micah – UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

Shock – Bear Sausage

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