Operation: Space Suit

Posted: 05/31/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week sixty six of Operation Graphite – theme: Space Suit.

Shock - Something strange in the distance

This tiny, blue, fragile speck in space. Outside it’s protection, we succumb to an onslaught of deadly elements. But we all knew what was in store when we signed up. We rode a controlled explosion to get into orbit.  We endured increased G-forces, micro gravity, and meals in a tube. Now after leaving the comfort of our biosphere, we need to leave the safety of our ship. A one man (or woman) habitat, a mini space ship, complete with life support and emergency thrusters. There might be a moment for fear, if it weren’t for the intoxicating awe of floating over what is now Australia and New Zealand. A view no camera could truly ever capture, no more tiny ship window to press your nose against, this sight through a terrifyingly thin bubble helmet is completely unobstructed. The cliché instantly comes to mind, it seems so peaceful down there. Actually, I think that we just passed Iran, Syria and Iraq. The radio crackles, there is a mission after all; this wasn’t just a sight seeing trip.

It’s a good thing these wrenches are tethered to the suit. I would’ve lost these damn things fifty times by now.


Shock – Something strange in the distance


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